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Poison dart frog tour

For many years, one of our enthusiastic guide, has made this tour, starting from Chiriquí to Bocas del Toro, you will see the greatest variation in color that you could not imagine in a poison frog, in just two field days (ECO tour). This is a tour for poison dart frogs lovers. Although it is specially aimed to Strawberry poison-dart frog, in the tour will also have the opportunity to observe other frogs of the group as: Andinobates, Dendrobates, Phyllobates, Colostethus, among others). 


Highlights: Ophaga pumilio (> 10 morphs) Andinobates claudiae, Dendrobates auratus, Allobates talamancae, Silverstoenia flotator, rivers, beaches, mangroves, other animals and plants. The VIP tour is three days of excursion, staying in the best hotels, and most of the pumilio’s morphs that you can see in Bocas (nearly 20 morphs). You won’t want to leave Bocas del Toro after this trip. 


Start: 06:00 hrs, David, Chiriquí, or Bocas, we also could provide you the transportation from Tocumen airport to Bocas!


Duration: two days (ECO), trhee days (VIP).


Restrictions: up to 10 people 


Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult 



Note: transportation (land and water), lodging, meals (3), snacks and soft drinks included.

Our customer's experiences!


Eric: Abel was clearly an expert on the poison frogs and was more than happy to answer our questions. He was friendly and made sure we were comfortable with everything. The schedule he created allowed us to see more than 10 morphs of O. pumilio. I recommend Abel to anyone who is interested in seeing a great variety of poison frogs and don't mind getting their boots muddy.


Jeanne: I loved everything about the tour. We saw more morphs than planned and accommodations and traveling were very comfortable! I also really appreciated the care you took in making our lunches and packing snacks and just making sure we were always doing alright. The O. pumilio are beautiful and I think the tour was worth every cent that it cost. Honestly I can't really think of much to improve because all our travels went very very smoothly. Some of the paths to the frog sites were a bit more treacherous/hard to access than I imagined, but looking back I really liked the unexpected adventure! (Jeanne)



Donovan: Abel and his team were professional in conducting this tour, allowing us to see more than 10 different color morphs of the poison dart frogs as advertised. A local expert in this field, Abel knew off the road sites where we could find these morphs and we encountered them easily at each site. Also, he handled the frogs in a professional ways, ensuring that the frogs were not disturbed but allowing us to get pictures of them. It was great that we spent half the time on the mainland and the remainder on the islands of Bocas del Toro. I would definitely recommend the services of Los Naturalistas if you are interested to see these interesting animals and are ready to hike in forests to search for them.

Two continents!

Join our expert Abel Batista, one of the most renowned Panamanian herpetologists. Let you go and experience the geological history of the American continents closure, from an herpetological point of view. Let us to bring you to see how the species from the South America and North America have crossed the Panamanian Isthmus. Some of the herps you will see have colonized one continent or another since more than 30 million years ago (Ma). We will seek for genera and species that have originated in SA or NA, and other that have evolved insitu, with origin in Middle America. Additionally we will go in search of the rarest species of amphibians and reptiles. Visit sites of high diversity. Sometimes you will combine activities of long walks, herping during the day and night, and photographing. It requires individuals with interest in the study of these animals, good personal relationships and good physical condition. 


Tours: Western Panama (cloud forest, Bocas del Toro), Darién National Park and Central Panama. 


Highlights: Full herping, photography.


 Start: 06:00 hrs, Chiriquí or Panama City. 


Duration: 15 days 


Restrictions: up to 5 people.


Difficulty: Moderate to difficult. 



Includes: transportation, lodging, National park tickets, food and soft drinks. 

 A piece of what you will see!