Los Naturalistas 

We are inspired by the work of Stanley Heckadon (1998), "The Naturalists of the Isthmus of Panama," which chronicles the adventures of the first researchers who came to our country around the mid-nineteenth century, they came to unexplored areas, usually with the basic tools to develop fieldwork, and still they got results that represent the foundation of the study of the fauna and flora for our country today. Like these precursors, the foundation of this company has been forged on the basis of the minimum requirements, but over the years, we have strengthened and evolved, developing high-level work, with enough experience in which we demonstrate international quality standards.

Now we are promoting our business in the study of the Panamanian biodiversity. We are specialized in the management of flora and fauna, with over 15 years experience. We know almost every corner of our country, and we have done works along every ecosystem in Panama.



The objectives of this company are directed to develop studies, and conservation strategies, related with the wild fauna and flora of Panama.

Our Philosophy

Contribute to the knowledge of our diversity and its sustainable management.