PhD. Abel Batista

A biologist by profession and nature lover. With 15 years of field experience in Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia, has conducted several studies of wildlife rescue, monitoring and research. As a birder, he has led groups for several years during Christmas Bird Counts (in western Panama) of the Audubon Society, Panama. He has completed graduate studies at the University of Bogota, Colombia Andes and PhD at the Senckenberg Institute (in association with the Goethe University), Frankfurt, Germany, both focused on the study of amphibians and reptiles of Panama. His main interest is bioacoustics, interaction between anuran communities, biogeography and taxonomy of amphibians of Panama.

Lic. Madian Pamela Miranda

Biologist by profession and nature lover. With 4 years of field experience in Panama. He has joined Los Naturalistas team recently. She is passionate about amphibians and reptiles and has collaborated on various amphibian and reptile monitoring and conservation projects. Pamela obtained her degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí, where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Biology. She currently participates in environmental consulting projects, expeditions and other conservation projects.