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We offer a collection of t-shirts with images of some animals and plants of Panama, take advantage of our price. Order online and we will be sent you anywhere in the country! Ask about available colors and sizes, including for children


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Find a great collection of our pictures, taken in different places of the beauty Panama! prices varies from 1 to 15 usd.


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We have specialized products for the study of wildlife in the Neotropics. If you do not live in Panama, ask for shipments. 

30% of the profits of our products are aimed at research projects.

STEINMANN, F., VAN DER LINGEN, C.: The complete Oophaga pumilio. Biology, Ecology & Captive husbandry.

Frankfurt am Main 2013, hardcover, 220 pages, more than 500 colour photos


This first monograph dealing with the strawberry poison frog covers a huge variety of aspects . Beginning with a description of the natural habitat and the distribution of Oophaga pumilio several issues are discussed: Why do some morphs of this species obviously show an aposematic colouration whereas others show a cryptic colouration? In the centre of the book the morphs that were genetically clearly defined recently are presented in a table. This overview shows the local distribution, the range of colours and patterns and the maximum size that can be reached, respectively. This section is illustrated with approx. 200 photos made by the late Chris van der Lingen. A large chapter then offers information on captive husbandy of Oophaga pumilio. Frank Steinmann put the focus here on compiling a large variety of materials that can be used to build a nice tropical terrarium, but he also recommends to consider the impact of using tropical plants. Feeder animals are also discussed as well as the technical settings that are required to fulfill the needs of a poison dart frog. The large variety of plants that is available for frog enthusiasts nowadays and that make a terrarium an attractive set-up for everybody supplements this book.


ISBN 978-3-89973-435-5


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Color Catalogue for Field Biologists

Gunther Köhler

• 49 pp.

• 300 Color swatches

• 24 Color Fotos

• Bilingual Edition: English/Spanish

• ISBN 978-3-936180-40-4

The accurate description of the coloration in life of organisms represents an important component of the work of any field biologist. The Color Catalogue for Field Biologists helps to produce more objective and detailed descriptions that also have a greater chance of being reproducible. 

• 300 color swatches arranged in order of similarity of the colors

• Defintions of descriptive terms 

• Photographic examples to illustrate these terms 

• How to prepare a color description in life 

• Examples of a color description in life 


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